Distribution and Transportation

From equipment to goods to human resources, there is much to be concerned with in the distribution and transportation industry. Because Amplified specializes in this very specialized business, we understand how much is at stake and know exactly what is needed for your company to live long and prosper.


Business Auto

When you specialize in distribution and transportation, a comprehensive business auto insurance policy backed by expert claims service isn’t a “maybe,” it’s a “must.” Amplified has you covered.

Commercial General Liability

Even if you have the most experienced crew, when you’re moving stuff from point A to point Z, accidents will happen. When they do, a commercial general liability policy covers the unexpected.

Workers Compensation

Not all workers’ comp policies are created equally. Fail to properly assess the risk potential of your distribution and transportation business, and you could end up paying more than is required. Amplified will thoroughly review your business to get you competitive rates and comprehensive coverage.


When forces beyond your control lead to damaged goods, Cargo Insurance protects against financial losses. This added value insurance can give your company piece of mind ensuring that any physical loss or damage to freight will be covered.

Social Engineering Fraud Coverage

Scams happen. When an outside entity scams your team into sending money via fraudulent use of internal communications or what appears to be a legitimate outside vendor, a social engineering fraud policy protects you and your crew.


Client Portal including 24 Hour Certificate of Insurance Access

Your distribution and transportation company works around the clock. So does Amplified Insurance Partners. Get help when you need you it with our 24-hour client portal.

Claims Management

We keep your distribution and transportation business moving forward with a straightforward claims management process. Have a question? Expect a concise answer from an expert at Amplified.

Experience Modification Forecasting

“Experience modification forecasting” is insurance-speak for looking at the past to predict the future. For certain types of commercial insurance, this how your rates are determined, and Amplified is determined to attain the most competitive rates available.


Our bonding services will set you up with the right coverage in the case your client experiences a loss at the expense of your company. Not only does it protect your business from lost or damaged shipments, bonding insurance lends a general sense of reliability to your company.

Registry Running Services

Do you have time to go stand in line at the registry every time your distribution and transportation company purchases a vehicle? Didn’t think so. Amplified Insurance Partners have you covered by offering an extensive list of registry services.

HR Hotline

When an HR question or issue arises, it is very often something that is best addressed immediately. Our HR hotline lets you keep calm and carry on by providing the right info, right now.

Employee Benefit Administration Technology

In today’s employment market, finding and retaining top employees is a challenge. Offering a comprehensive benefits package is one way to do this. Our employee benefit administration technology pairs cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface that allows you and your employees to access compensation and benefits info at any time from any device.

Carrier Relations

It’s our carrier relations that make the difference. We’ve been in insurance for decades and have established symbiotic working relationships with the industry’s top carriers. Let us put these connections to work for your Transportations & Distribution business.