Expansion to Haverhill - Amplified Insurance Partners

Expansion to Haverhill

Amplified Insurance Partners has proudly served our customers in the Merrimack Valley for many years. Expanding to Haverhill and working directly with local entrepreneurs like Chris Donovan and George Peters is helping us better support the people and businesses of the Merrimack Valley in a personal and present way.

Both Chris and George were entrepreneurs and business clients of Amplified Insurance Partners. They worked so well with us over the years that they now represent our brand within the business community, especially in the Merrimack Valley, their lifelong home.

Their business experience gives them a deep understanding of the needs of business owners and businesses of all types throughout their life cycles. They also bring a special passion for the industry, and for helping others reach success too.

With experts like these on our team, Amplified can answer any business question you have. We know how important your business is to the Merrimack Valley, especially during these unprecedented times. Guiding the people and businesses in this area to survive and thrive is crucial – and we’ve got you covered. From drafting workplace return guidelines and communications, to determining your insurance needs and more, our team is here and prepared to help with whatever you need as we navigate the new normal.

You can also reach out directly to Chris and George to ask them anything and expect a thoughtful, considerate answer in return. In the unlikely event they don’t know the answer themselves, they will certainly know someone who does!