Ensuring the wellbeing of others requires dedication and passion. When it comes to ensuring the wellbeing of your healthcare-related business, you need to work with an insurance agency with the same level of passion. Amplified is that company. From pediatrics to gerontology, to research and development, and cardiac care to oncology, the healthcare industry is not a single field, but a wide-ranging, tightly-focused series of professions, each with its own specific insurance needs. Trust Amplified to stay focused on your business’s insurance so your company can concentrate on caring for its patients, or finding the next major medical breakthrough.


Commercial General Liability

While medical malpractice insurance covers losses that may arise from medically-related issues, it does not protect against commonplace claims such as slip-and-fall accidents at your facility. That’s where commercial general liability insurance comes in. Amplified Insurance Partners will ensure you have the right coverage to protect against financial losses in the event of property damage, personal or advertising injury caused by your business.

Healthcare Professional Liability

Because we work with so many healthcare businesses, Amplified Insurance Partners understands the importance of comprehensive Healthcare Professional Liability insurance. Our review process ensures appropriate coverage at competitive rates.

Directors & Officers Liability

A healthcare facility is comprised of much more than doctors and nurses. It also includes administrative professionals who oversee the health of your business. Protect decision-makers with Directors and Officers Liability coverage.

Umbrella/Excess Liability

An Umbrella or Excess Liability policy provides an added layer of protection for your healthcare-related business. By offering added coverage, your business has added piece of mind.

Cyber Liability

As a healthcare business, your company stores a wide range of confidential information and even with security measures in place, that information can be compromised. Cyber liability insurance covers financial losses incurred due to fraudulent incursion of online data.

Social Engineering Fraud Coverage

Scams happen. Back up your cyber liability policy with Social Engineering Fraud Coverage. When an outside entity scams your team into sending money via fraudulent use of internal communications or what appears to be a legitimate outside vendor, a social engineering fraud policy protects you and your crew.


Client Portal including 24 Hour Certificate of Insurance Access

Your Healthcare company works around the clock, and so does Amplified Insurance Partners. Get help when you need you it with our 24-hour client portal.

Claims Management

When your healthcare company needs us, we’ll be there to answer your questions and keep you moving forward with a streamlined claims management process.

Experience Modification Forecasting

“Experience modification forecasting” is insurance-speak for looking at the past to predict the future. For certain types of commercial insurance, this how your rates are determined, and Amplified is determined to attain the most competitive rates available.


One of the most important ways in which a healthcare-related business grows is by building trust. When your company is bonded, you are providing your clients with actual insurance that you will honor your commitments.

Registry Running Services

From private ambulances to courtesy vehicles to security cars, many healthcare businesses own vehicles. When a new one rolls in, let us take care of the required trip to the registry with our registry services.

HR Hotline

Ensuring that your employees’ rights are protected has never been more important. When an HR issue arises, get the answers you need with Amplified’s HR hotline.

Employee Benefit Administration Technology

In today’s employment market, finding and retaining top employees is a challenge. Offering a comprehensive benefits package is one way to do this. Our employee benefit administration technology pairs cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface that allows you and your employees to access compensation and benefits info at any time from any device.

Carrier Relations