Whatever your non-profit organization does, it’s trying to help. But that does not mean it isn’t without risks and concerns. Whether you are striving to assist people, protect an endangered species, preserve precious land or artifacts, or find a cure for the seemingly incurable, your non-profit’s success in its worthy endeavor has particular insurance needs and requires adept financial advice. Because we understand how crucial non-profit organizations are, Amplified has chosen to focus a portion of our organization to fulfilling these needs.


Professional Liability

Whether it is misclassifying an endowment or releasing incorrect research, professional liability insurance covers claims that may arise when an employee makes an error. Err on the side of caution with a comprehensive plan.

Directors & Officers Liability

While professional liability insurance pertains to practical errors, directors and officers liability covers financial claims against mistakes that were caused by management’s decisions or practices. Amplified will determine if both are needed and, if so, how much coverage is required.

Employment Practices Liability

In today’s ever-changing landscape of what may constitute employment discrimination, carrying sufficient employment practices liability insurance is a smart investment for any business; yes, even non-profit organizations.

Cyber Liability

As a non-profit business, your company stores a wide range of confidential information and even with security measures in place, that information can be compromised. Cyber liability insurance covers financial losses incurred due to fraudulent incursion of online data.

Commercial General Liability

If your non-profit organization has a physical place of business, commercial general liability insurance is a must. It protects against many types of common claims, including personal injury and property damage.

Workers Compensation

Every non-profit organization is different. The appropriate amount of workers’ compensation required varies greatly between a fundraising organization and one that sends workers “into the field.” Amplified will right-size your coverage.

Social Engineering Fraud Coverage

Scams happen. Back up your cyber liability policy with Social Engineering Fraud Coverage. When an outside entity scams your team into sending money via fraudulent use of internal communications or what appears to be a legitimate outside vendor, a social engineering fraud policy protects you and your crew.


Client Portal including 24 Hour Certificate of Insurance Access
Claims Management

When the time comes to file a claim, the team at Amplified is at the ready with a streamlined process. We’ll help with the paperwork while you keep helping others.

Experience Modification Forecasting

Experience modification forecasting is a model used by insurance carriers in which they review an organization’s past claims to determine premiums. Amplified is adept at attaining favorable outcomes for our clients.


While it may be tempting to control costs by forgoing bonding, some nonprofits – especially those that offer employees a retirement savings option – do need this. Amplified will help determine if you need it, and how much coverage to carry.

Registry Running Services

Your non-profit organization may not use its own vehicles, but if it does, wouldn’t it be great to avoid time-consuming trips to the registry? Amplified Insurance Partners have you covered by offering an extensive list of registry services.

HR Hotline

When a human resources issue arises, keep calm and carry on with Amplified Insurance Partners’ HR hotline. The right info, right when you need it.

Employee Benefit Administration Technology

In today’s employment market, finding and retaining top employees is a challenge. Offering a comprehensive benefits package is one way to do this. Our employee benefit administration technology pairs cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface that allows you and your employees to access compensation and benefits info at any time from any device.

Carrier Relations

Your nonprofit is on a mission. At Amplified, our mission is to secure the most competitive rates possible for your organization. We have been doing what we do for decades, fostering beneficial relationships with more than 70 of the top insurance carriers. Let us put these relationships to work for your company.