Personal Insurance

You’ve built your wealth, now you need to protect it. Amplified Insurance Partners work with a wide variety of individuals analyzing and assessing their risk. We understand that assets come in all shapes and sizes and are not always tangible.

Our Personal Lines Expert will sit down with you to truly understand where your assets are and what level of protection they need. We offer honest recommendations and guidance along the way, taking potentially life-changing moments and turning them into bumps in the road.

The future is unpredictable, we aim to provide protection for those unpredictable moments.

Personal Liability/ Umbrella

A Personal Liability or Umbrella Policy is all encompassing and can protect your personal assets from tangible materials all the way to your reputation. Umbrella Policies don’t just protect you from the rain, but you can bring your dependents under the umbrella as well for piece of mind for the whole family.

Home Insurance

Our focus is on High-Value Homes although we have the capabilities to develop a wide variety of custom Home Insurance Policies. We take the time to assess your personal situation, family, finances, and fears. We eliminate the fears by protecting everything else. Make sure that your home is protected in the case that an insurance claim puts it in jeopardy.  

Automobile Insurance

Accidents on the road happen, and whether you are at fault or not, your assets become vulnerable if they are not protected. A fender bender today could mean an empty bank account tomorrow. We don’t believe in “Should Have” or “Could Have”, we believe in a proactive approach ensuring that when the accidents happen you can respond with “Good Thing.”


Flood Insurance

Climate change debate aside, the insurance industry is seeing a massive influx of Flood Insurance Policies. More and more properties are required to carry one and the ones that aren’t required opt in for the obvious reason- water levels are rising.

Amplified Insurance Partners will run your property through the National Flood Association database and analyze your potential water damage and flood risks. Only then will we offer sound recommendations for a Flood Protection Policy.

Travel Insurance

We are in an age of Globalization. Travel is more accessible to the everyone, meaning that more people are traveling and more often. This equals more chances for travel complications to occur, and when they do, a Travel Insurance Policy will ensure that you are reimbursed in some way or another.

Valuables Artwork and Collectables Insurance (VAC)

Valuables aren’t just big boats and fancy houses. What about the sentimental pieces that are truly “priceless”, the timeless artwork, or the highly sought-after family heirloom.

 We can’t put a price on these items and no premium will replace them, but in the case there is damage or loss to any of these items- you aren’t left empty handed.