Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

You’ve taken your job seriously, working tirelessly for years – even decades – to build a life and a lifestyle. The family you cherish, and the home you’d always dreamed of, maybe even a vintage sports car, all need protection.

Helping you protect everything? That’s our job.

Amplified is not a global corporation. What we are is an independently-owned insurance and financial services company based in Massachusetts with a team of highly-skilled employees whom you will come to trust.


Family Liability

Often referred to as an umbrella policy or personal excess liability coverage, family liability insurance provides additional coverage over and above individual policies for your home, automobiles and watercraft. Offered as an addition to your primary policies, it works as an added level of protection and covers a wider range of potential claims. In order to attain an umbrella policy from Amplified, minimum liability limits must be maintained on your primary policies, which must be written by our company. Certain underwriting guidelines also need to be followed.

High-Value Home Insurance

Our approach to homeowners insurance is designed specifically for high-value homes. Because we specialize in this area, we ask the right questions. This ensures that things such as artwork and antiques, and distinctive or custom features, receive adequate coverage. We also offer insurance designed specifically for condominiums, co-ops, vacation homes, and urban homes.

Automobile Insurance


A personal automobile insurance policy provides protection under four coverage parts:

  1. Liability coverage is a single limit (some companies optionally offer split limits).
  2. Medical payments cover expenses incurred within three years.
  3. Uninsured motorist coverage is available, and underinsured motorist coverage may be added by endorsement.
  4. Physical damage coverage is a single insuring agreement, with collision loss included if specified. 



When you purchase your automobile insurance through Amplified, you’ll find that our review process makes a difference. We never go with a “rubber stamp” treatment. While many states require minimum amounts of auto insurance, these can often be unrealistically low. Securing additional coverage to protect you, your family and your assets is the prudent approach. It’s also surprisingly inexpensive.


Life Insurance

How would your family fare if the worst should happen? It’s a difficult question that deserves careful consideration. When you secure life insurance through Amplified, you will be working with an expert team of professionals who will give your life insurance needs the due diligence they deserve. The policies we offer provide access to a portion of the premiums, which can be used at any time, for any purpose. A percentage of your premium also goes into a cash reserve, which accumulates over time on a tax-deferred basis. These funds can be withdrawn to pay for things such as education expenses and retirement income, as the policy remains in force throughout your lifetime.

Travel Insurance

Taking a dream vacation is often something for which you and your family save for a year… or more. It’s an investment. At Amplified Insurance & Financial Network, we get that. We also understand that it can take seconds to ruin your plans, often because of something beyond your control. What you can control is financial loss, which can be substantial, by purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance can refund travel expenses and provide coverage for medical expenses, damage to your luggage, and much more.