Real Estate

While there has been much debate about who coined the phrase “There are three thing that matter in property: location, location, location,” there can be no doubt that the real estate industry is a high-stakes business with its own particular insurance needs. And the diversity within the real estate business – from selling single-family homes, to developing communities or commercial properties – makes things even more complicated. Simplify the insurance buying process by partnering with an agency who understands your industry; Amplified.


Property Insurance

If your firm holds properties, whether to develop or to generate income via rentals, not only do you need property insurance, you need the correct type of property insurance. Amplified Insurance Partners will make sure you are properly covered.

Commercial General Liability

At Amplified Insurance Partners we are dedicated to reviewing your company needs to ensure you have the appropriate Commercial General Liability Insurance to cover every aspect of business.

Umbrella/Excess Liability

Take your firm’s coverage to the next level with an Umbrella, or Excess Liability Policy. This is paired with a Complementary Policy and works as an added layer of protection.

Workers Compensation

If one of your agents has an accident while showing that charming fixer-upper, your company will be responsible for their medical bills. Be prepared with a comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Policy.

Social Engineering Fraud Coverage

Scams happen. Back up your cyber liability policy with Social Engineering Fraud Coverage. When an outside entity scams your team into sending money via fraudulent use of internal communications or what appears to be a legitimate outside vendor, a social engineering fraud policy protects you and your crew.


Client Portal including 24 Hour Certificate of Insurance Access

Is a real estate firm ever actually closed for business? You work when your clients need you. Our client portal works when you need us.

Claims Management

Amplified Insurance Partners is a mid-sized agency with a personal, small-town approach to customer service and state-of-the-art technology. Good to know when you need to file a claim, isn’t it?

Experience Modification Forecasting

Experience modification forecasting uses a business’s past insurance claims to determine premiums. An expert approach to this system can yield lower premiums. Amplified Insurance is dedicated to getting you the best rates.


In the high-stakes world of real estate, building trust with clients is the bedrock of your business. Bonding works as a guarantee that if a deal goes awry, your client is financially protected.

Registry Running Services

Whether your real estate firm has a handful of vehicles for management or a fleet of them for top performers, Amplified Insurance Partners have you covered by offering an extensive list of registry services.

HR Hotline

When a human resources issue arises, keep calm and carry on with Amplified Insurance Partners’ HR hotline. The right info, right when you need it.

Employee Benefit Administration Technology

In today’s employment market, finding and retaining top employees is a challenge. Offering a comprehensive benefits package is one way to do this. Our employee benefit administration technology pairs cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface that allows you and your employees to access compensation and benefits info at any time from any device.

Carrier Relations

At Amplified, our mission is to secure the most competitive rates possible for your organization. We have been doing what we do for decades, fostering beneficial relationships with more than 70 of the top insurance carriers. Let us put these relationships to work for your company.