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Angela Hutchins

Finance eMail Angela 617-614-1270

Beth Latessa

Account Executive eMail Beth 617.614.1253

Brian Van Amburgh

Director of Business Development eMail Brian 617-614-1279

Bryan Dank

Vice President of Business Development eMail Bryan 617-614-1211

Caroline Steverman

Benefits Support Specialist eMail Caroline

Chelsea White

Senior Support Specialist, Client Care Team eMail Chelsea 617-614-1251

Chris Donovan

Director of Business Development eMail Chris 617-614-1250

Debi Fields

Account Executive eMail Debi 617-614-1243

Diane Sheedy

Executive Vice President of Operations eMail Diane 617-614-1214

Evelyn Concagh

HR Coordinator eMail Evelyn 617-614-1294

Frank Savelli

Director of Financial Services eMail Frank 617.614.1257

Greg M. Susco

President & Chief Operating Officer eMail Greg 617-614-1229

Janet Roy

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant eMail Janet 617-614-1242

Jillian Peterson

Human Resources Specialist eMail Jillian 617-614-1215

John Hamblin

Senior Client Strategist eMail John 617-614-1292

John Panagopoulos

Director of Business Development eMail John 617-614-1218

John Snyder

President, Benefits & HR Division eMail John 617-614-1269

Kaleena Murray

Chief Culture Officer eMail Kaleena 617-614-1302

Karen Keady

AR & AP Specialist eMail Karen 617-614-1226

Katie Glennon

Marketing and Communications Coordinator eMail Katie 617-614-1262

Katie Henley

Administrative and Accounting Assistant eMail Katie 617-614-1264

Kelly Glennon

Support Specialist - Client Care Team eMail Kelly 617-614-1267

Kenia Silva

Account Executive- New Client Specialist eMail Kenia 617-614-1284

Kevin Mallory

VP of Finance eMail Kevin 617-614-1219

Lauren Brenner

President, HR Services Division eMail Lauren 617-614-1271

Lauren Wiggin

Staff Accountant eMail Lauren 617-614-1249

Lisa Kendrick

Director of Client Services
Property & Casualty Division
eMail Lisa 617-614-1225

Lynn Cubano

Senior Account Executive eMail Lynn 617-614-1293

Madison Waldo

Associate Account Executive, Client Care Team eMail Madison 617-614-1265

Mary Waishek

Senior Account Executive
Team Leader
eMail Mary 617-614-1222

Matt Waugh

Senior Sales Consultant eMail Matt 617-614-1298

Melissa Grebe

Manager of Client Services
Employee Benefits Division
eMail Melissa 617-614-1245

Melissa Nord

Client Care Team Manager eMail Melissa 617-614-1206

Michael J. Susco

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer eMail Michael 617-614-1210

Monica Wojnilo

Account Executive eMail Monica 617-614-1221

Paul West

Director of Business Development eMail Paul 617-614-1281

Sarah Armstrong

Associate Account Executive eMail Sarah 617-614-1256

Sarah Corp

Technology Specialist eMail Sarah 617-614-1208

Tori Schryver

Senior Support Specialist, Client Care Team eMail Tori 617-614-1295

Wanda Yee

Administrative Assistant eMail Wanda 617-614-1259