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    Coronavirus Alert

    We continue to monitor the coronavirus pandemic closely and have triggered our business continuity plan for the safety of our employees.

    We are in a time of uncertainty. And in a relationship business, such as we are in, it is important for us to find ways to stay connected and to continue the level of service that you, our clients are used to. We get through these times by taking care of our clients and we are here for you today. The situation is changing constantly but we are implementing several procedures to ensure the safety of our employees and the highest level of service to you, our clients.

    Our staff is working remotely. We have implemented technology allowing your Account Executive to handle their entire workload remotely. Office calls are being forwarded to employees’ personal phones so that you can still reach them via their direct number. New information is coming out every day and we are doing our best to distribute relevant information to you in a timely manner.

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