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Amplified Kicks Off 2019!

If our Annual Kick Off is meant to set the tone for the rest of the year, well this is going to be one fantastic year!

Our Team gathered last month to recap 2018 and shine some light (colorful strobe lights to be exact) on 2019. Our “CREW” worked hard behind the scenes to ensure our presentation ran seamlessly, from speeches to department recaps to the closing rap parody of Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind.

What is CREW you ask?

CREW is our Culture. Relationship. Engagement. Workforce. and made their debut appearance at this year’s Kick Off event. CREW was created with a mission to help make our workplace an enjoyable place to be…even fun!  Like a band crew setting up for the big show, CREW is busy collaborating to elevate the experience for our employees.  Our CREW team is excited to launch some new initiatives in 2019 including a kid-friendly work environment, Better Book Club (earn cash for reading, woo!), and the introduction of toiletry baskets in all bathrooms.

We also celebrated the promotion of Kaleena Murray from Employee Engagement Specialist to Chief Culture Officer! As our Employee Engagement Specialist, Kaleena set the foundation for a Rock Star culture to evolve. In this new role Kaleena will continue to expand on her culture initiatives and take her ground work to the next level. “Elevating the Experience!”

With continuous improvement at our core, our Kick Off wrapped up with guest speaker Dr. Ethan Becker on stage to deliver a fun and informative talk on communication with tips on how to deliver an engaging speech.  We walked away with new tools and fresh ideas to re-energize our teams and bring out the best in each other.  You can’t help but walk away feeling inspired!