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Amplified Benefits Partners Joins Forces with OneDigital

HR & Employee Benefits Programs

Amplified Benefits Partners is now OneDigital! Read the full announcement.

Employee Benefits Program

At Amplified Benefits Partners we understand that a business’s employees are its most valuable assets. That is why we are very pleased to announce that we are partnering with OneDigital, the nation’s leading strategic advisory firm. Aligning with OneDigital allows us to offer enhanced HR consulting, compliance, technology and benefits tools to help you support your people.

  • Employee Benefits Consulting
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Benefits and HR Technology
  • Pharmacy Management Consulting
  • Multi-Year Strategy Plan Design
  • ACA + Tax Compliance
  • Global Benefits Management
  • Wellbeing Programs
  • Healthcare Cost Management
  • Employee Engagement Initiatives

Human Resources Services

In our continuing effort to enhance our HR consulting capabilities and resources, we have join OneDigital, the nation’s leading strategic advisory firm. OneDigital offers a range of holistic HR solutions that can be customized to enable leaders to embrace the shifts that businesses are facing during these extraordinary times. OneDigital offers various ways to augment and act as an extension of your HR team—ranging from hotline support to full outsourcing, and can be customized to meet your unique organizational needs. Our experienced and highly-credentialed consultants help provide information and options to address your important decisions with confidence and enhanced objectivity.

  • Provide a professional HR Department to your employees
  • Leverage certified HR expert on-call support
  • Offer HR, Payroll, Compliance and Benefits-related guidance
  • Provide strategies for workforce management options
  • Strategic HR recovery and workforce change guidance

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