It’s Like a Book Club, but Better! - Amplified Insurance Partners

It’s Like a Book Club, but Better!

Telamon and Amplified are excited to announce the launch of BetterBookClub!  In a nutshell, we pay our people to read. 

Over here at Telamon and Amplified, we are actively working to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and what better way to learn new skills, prompt new thinking, and share unique perspectives than a book club.

Our Culture Relationship Engagement Workforce (CREW) launched our online book library last month with over 150 book titles designed to encourage professional and personal growth and continues to grow with our employees’ suggestions.  Our book club is no ordinary book club.  It’s better (see what we did there?)  It’s an investment in our people and gives us the freedom and flexibility to pick our own training that fits our needs in any given moment.  

Through the ease and convenience of BetterBookClub’s online platform, readers can view and queue up titles they want to read, follow coworkers, share recommendations, and rank books read.  Each of our titles has a point value attached based on length, complexity, and importance, incentivizing our participants to earn cash every quarter for books read. 

We are getting excited for our first book club meeting in December, themed of course, when we will be talking about what books we chose to read, what we walked away with, and who we’d recommend our recent read to. Team members from across all departments will come together, creating a unique opportunity to engage with one another, share ideas, and build relationships. 

We’re pretty amped up about it over here.  Happy Reading!