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Nonprofit Insurance in Massachusetts

Nonprofit Insurance in Massachusetts

Whatever crucial work your non-profit organization is striving to achieve, you can rely on our adept financial advice for your particular insurance needs. We’ll build a plan together that will protect your work and organization in any situation. To support your success, let us help you protect vital assets and obtain liability coverage with comprehensive property and casualty insurance.

Nonprofit Insurance in Massachusetts

Nonprofit Insurance in Massachusetts

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  • General Liability Coverage
  • Professional Liability Coverage
  • Directors & Officers Liability Coverage
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage
  • Workers Compensation Coverage
  • Cyber Liability Coverage
  • Social Engineering Fraud Coverage
  • Special Events Coverage
  • Umbrella Coverage
  • Commercial Property Coverage
  • Tenants Betterment Coverage
  • Auto Coverage
  • Professional Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Cyber Liability
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Social Engineering Fraud Coverage

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What is nonprofit insurance?

Nonprofit insurance offers flexible and affordable specialized coverages, including both property and liability protections. Massachusetts charities can customize policies to suit their 

What organizations in Massachusetts should carry nonprofit insurance?

Most 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations in Massachusetts should have this insurance. Charitable organizations with other incorporated structures may also want this insurance.

For example, the following organizations often purchase nonprofit property insurance and/or nonprofit liability insurance:

  • Religious institutions
  • Educational programs
  • Arts/Culture programs
  • Environmental advocacy groups
  • Social advocacy groups
  • Animal rescues

Not carrying insurance can leave these and other organizations dangerously without protection against losses and lawsuits.

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What coverages are available through nonprofit policies?

Both nonprofit liability insurance coverages and nonprofit property insurance coverages are usually available through these policies. The former typically protects situations where an organization could be responsible for harm or sued, while the latter typically protects against assets that an organization owns.

Some common nonprofit liability insurance protections are:

  • General Liability Coverage: May protect against common accidents that result in damage or injury to others
  • Professional Liability Coverage: May protect against errors that employees or volunteers make in their work
  • Directors & Officers Liability Coverage: May protect leaders against lawsuits arising from their decisions
  • Employment Practices Liability Coverage: May protect against allegations of discrimination filed by employees or volunteers
  • Workers Compensation Coverage: May protect against employee injuries resulting from organization-related work
  • Cyber Liability Coverage: May protect against data breaches that compromise personal or other sensitive information
  • Social Engineering Fraud Coverage: May protect against financial misappropriations due to fraudulent representation
  • Special Events Coverage: May provide additional short-term liability coverages for specific events
  • Umbrella Coverage: May provide additional liability coverage that supplements other nonprofit liability insurance coverages

Some common nonprofit property insurance protections are:

  • Commercial Property Coverage: May protect buildings and equipment that a nonprofit owns
  • Tenants Betterment Coverage: May protect features a nonprofit installs in a leased space
  • Auto Coverage: May both protect owned vehicles and/or provide liability coverage in the event of an accident

There are still more coverages that nonprofit organizations have access to. An insurance agent who knows these policies well can help nonprofits decide exactly what coverages are right for them.

Do nonprofit organizations need liquor liability coverage for events?

Liquor liability coverage is one of those other protections that nonprofits might purchase, and organizations aren’t always aware that they should carry it for events. 

Liquor liability coverage normally provides protection against lawsuits that arise from alcohol-related incidents. Companies that sell or serve alcohol generally are required to carry the coverage, but so too should event shots in some cases.

Should someone become intoxicated and sustain an injury, cause a fight, or be in an auto accident on the way home, multiple parties may be sued. This could include event hosts if the intoxication occurred during a gathering of some sort. 

Hence, nonprofits might want liquor liability coverage for events they sponsor or host, if alcohol is served. This includes both free and sold beverages.

An insurance agent who specializes in nonprofit policies will likely be able to help organizations get short-term liquor liability through event coverage.

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How much are premiums for nonprofit policies?

Premiums for nonprofit policies tend to be fairly affordable, especially when compared to the potential cost of a claim. The customizable nature of policies makes it easy for organizations to adjust coverages as their needs and budget dictate.

How can 501(c)3 organizations in Massachusetts get nonprofit insurance?

For help insuring a 501(c)3 or other charitable organization, contact the independent insurance agents at Amplified Insurance Partners. Our Massachusetts agents have worked with many nonprofits, and we have the knowledge to help you find the right nonprofit insurance policy for your organization.

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