Venture Capital & Private Equity

A financial institution is more than a place for people to put their money. It is at the core of the world’s commerce and at the heart of how individuals build their lives and secure their futures. With financial institutions playing such a vital role, and with banking regulations changing on a constant basis, it’s crucial to work with an insurance agency that fully understands the intricacies of the industry. Amplified is that agency.


Venture Capital Asset Protection Policy (VCAP)

If your firm works in venture capital and private equity, you’re at the heart of entrepreneurship and innovation. It is an exciting, fast-paced profession filled with potential and potential pitfalls. Minimize the pitfalls with VCAP insurance from Amplified Insurance Partners.

Workers Compensation

While all companies are required to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance, the rate at which it is set varies greatly from industry to industry. Amplified Insurance Partners is dedicated to reviewing your business to get you competitive rates and comprehensive coverage.

Portfolio Company Directors & Officers

Finding success in venture capital and private equity requires a certain amount of risk. Comprehensive directors and officers coverage protects your firm and its decision-makers, allowing a “lean in” approach and higher returns.

Cyber Liability

Hacking happens. Every day. Even to firms like yours that are doing everything possible to protect against it. Cyber Liability Insurance from Amplified will ensure you are covered in the event of a Cyber Hack.

Social Engineering Fraud Coverage

Scams happen. Back up your cyber liability policy with Social Engineering Fraud Coverage. When an outside entity scams your team into sending money via fraudulent use of internal communications or what appears to be a legitimate outside vendor, a social engineering fraud policy protects you and your crew.


Client Portal including 24 Hour Certificate of Insurance Access
Claims Management

When you work in venture capital and private equity, time really is money. Our streamlined claims management system means you’ll never have to slow down to file a claim.

Experience Modification Forecasting

Looking at past performance to project future outcome is part of what your firm does. In insurance, this is known as experience modification forecasting, and it is, in some ways, how insurance carriers establish rates. Our approach ensures a favorable outcome for our clients as we are determined to hit the most competitive rates.

HR Hotline

When an HR question or issue arises, it is very often something that is best addressed immediately. Our HR hotline lets you keep calm and carry on by providing the right info, right now.

Employee Benefit Administration Technology

In today’s employment market, finding and retaining top employees is a challenge. Offering a comprehensive benefits package is one way to do this. Our employee benefit administration technology pairs cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface that allows you and your employees to access compensation and benefits info at any time from any device.

Carrier Relations

Longstanding relationships are crucial in your industry. They are in ours too. Amplified has strong working relationships with the nation’s top insurance carriers. Let us put them to work for your benefit.