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What is a Kid-Friendly Workplace?

Here at Amplified Insurance Partners we created a Kid Friendly Work Environment- and we are loving it!

What does a kid-friendly work environment look and sound like?

Markers moving over coloring books, unlimited hot chocolates, little laughs, and even the occasional running footsteps down the hallway. 

Welcoming kids to work in those in-a-pinch times saves our parents the hassle of finding last minute childcare.  Our kid-friendly work environment is great for snow days, school holidays, and even days with doctor’s appointments smack in the middle of the day.  Parents avoid losing time off and our kids spend a day in the life of Mom or Dad at work.  It’s a win-win!

What do our kids do?  First, they check in and get their photo taken with our fun Polaroid to make their very own name badge. Then, our kiddos can choose to set up on a beanbag chair in Mom or Dad’s workstation, read a book in our Relaxation Room, or even meet and play with the other kids who happen to be in the office that day.

Here at Amplified Insurance Partners, we recognize and understand the challenges and sacrifice that come with being a working parent.  We spend a lot of our lifetime at the workplace, so we believe providing flexibility to our working parents will help our employees be successful in both work and in life.  We’ve already had great success – just take a look for yourself!  Our kids are welcome here and we look forward to introducing (and sharing!) kid-friendly activities ahead!

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