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Culture at Amplified

CREW (culture relationship engagement workforce) is the culture footprint of Amplified Insurance Partners. The culture at Amplified – our shared values, practices and beliefs – feeds into the way we advocate for our clients. The soul of our organization is reflected in our values, the stories we tell, and our collective mindset to achieve your vision of making the complete simple to better protect you and your assets with care.

Because we have such a dynamic group of experienced industry professionals, our clients enjoy a higher level of service. A primary focus on our culture helps us take care of our employees, which drives the exceptional customer service we provide for you. We are constantly evolving to exceed your expectations while creating an environment where our employees feel fulfilled and purposeful at work, connected to our vision, and balanced in their lives.

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    Our Core Values

    1. Dedicated to Helping People

    Our level of dedication compels us to go above and beyond our required duties to provide elite service to our clients, our organization, our partnerships, and our communities.

    2. Respect the Individual

    We fully respect, support, and celebrate each other without judgement so that every person feels equally included and cared for.

    3. Continuous Improvement

    We embrace each other’s creative ideas that drive change, constantly learning and sharing knowledge so that we can be better every day as individuals and as a team.

    4. Do the Right Thing

    We act with practicality, empathy, and transparency so our
    customers and teammates can trust and rely on us to
    make good decisions on their behalf.

    Prioritizing Professional Development

    We actively apply for Massachusetts Workforce Training Grants that assist with funds to provide robust training and development opportunities for our employees. At the end of 2016, we were awarded $82,000 to support 2 years of training in the following areas:

    • Advanced Leadership, Management, & Coaching
    • Advanced Sales & Service Training
    • Advanced Business Development
    • Process Improvement
    • Train the Trainer

    In 2020, a new grant provided us with a training program to build an intentional customer-centric communication culture.  Since then, training continues to build on the skills and tools learned to continue elevating our service delivery.  Our focus remains on customer-centric communication, behavior, and process.

    Telamon Leadership Academy 

    At its core, TLA cultivates personal and professional development, dedicated to promoting a culture of learning and leadership. Rich curriculum and activity that’s aligned with company goals are aimed to grow problem-solving skills and strategic thinking to look at the business through a wider lens. 

    DISC and Driving Forces

    We facilitate DISC and Driving Forces assessments to raise our awareness of our behaviors, motivators, and their impact on communication.  We have facilitated team workshops in the past and it’s a part of our onboarding process for any new hire.

    Industry Webinars and Classes

    Specific industry education is always available and self-serve based on an individual’s needs. Our goals this year include strengthening our technical knowledge. With TotalCSR, we’re able to meet people where they’re at across commercial, personal, and management skill domains.

    We also provide monetary awards for licensure and industry designations. 


    We pay to read. That’s it. Reading encourages growth, innovation, and shared learning. BBC provides the flexibility for people to choose titles that fit their personal and professional goals. BBC is a program that encourages and promotes our people to grow both personally and professionally through reading, while providing the flexibility for people to choose the titles that fit their personal and professional goals.

    Supporting Our Communities

    We are constantly evolving in order to create an environment where our employees feel fulfilled and purposeful at work, connected to our vision, and balanced in their lives.

    Employee morale is greatly affected by charitable giving, whether it be time, cash or company resources. It unites our employees in one cause and improves collaboration in the workplace. 

    In organizing and offering charitable opportunities for our employees, we create strong traditions, which promote a sense of pride and ownership among employees.

    That’s why we are committed to supporting the welfare and quality of life of our local communities.

    We donate to a variety of non-profit organizations through food and clothing drives, golf events, and fundraising galas.

    Fostering Employee Engagement

    We spend so much of our time at work with the people we work with. Creating an enjoyable place to be and believing our work has purpose drives our engagement and experience. We prioritize connection; connection with each other and connection with our vision and goals.

    With collaborative department meetings and monthly all-hands, meaningful coaching opportunities, and a robust onboarding program, we align our day-to-day with our vision.

    We strive to amplify our strengths, create involvement, and promote growth so that people can be their best selves day in and day out. When people understand how they are connected, aligned, and contribute, it’s no secret, businesses perform better. 

    Meet our Chief Culture Officer

    Our culture is what connects us, creates belonging, and promotes our best self. Our values live at the core of our culture and drive how we choose to run our business. They lead our behaviors, guide our communication, and cultivate a mindset to achieve our collective vision. It's why we come to work

    Kaleena Murray, CCO

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