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Business Insurance Quotes

Building your business is a big deal, whether you are a corporation with a global reach, a regional family-owned business, or a solopreneurship with just a handful of employees. Let us help you protect your business and your employees to safeguard what you’ve built.

At Amplified, our goal is to make the complex simple with a complete line of insurance tailored to fit every aspect of your business. Partner with us to access business products and services at the most competitive rates available, thanks to our strong carrier relationships.

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Business Coverages

Buildings & Property Insurance

Choosing the appropriate types and amounts of building and property coverage for your specific business needs can be stressful. Work with Amplified to evaluate your business assets and insurance requirements and obtain sufficient coverage without wasting money, time, or effort.

Business Income Insurance

Be prepared for challenging or potentially devastating events by carrying sufficient business income insurance to help you survive interruptions in revenue. Allow Amplified to custom-tailor a program that will reimburse you for lost revenue if your business is ever unable to operate.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Especially if your primary business is in the transportation industry, you should never assume a standard auto insurance policy covers your needs. Let your Amplified experts help evaluate your specific commercial auto insurance needs and offer custom solutions before an accident happens.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

Protect your company and employees from financial ramifications related to negligence lawsuits involving a team member’s mistake. Let Amplified review your company’s needs and provide wide-ranging errors & omissions insurance, also known as professional liability insurance.

Surety Bonds

A surety bond protects against incompletely or incorrectly fulfilled agreements, including contractual and non-contractual obligations and standards. With so many moving parts and bond types, your company needs to work with an expert like Amplified to determine your exact requirements.

Umbrella Insurance

Add extra liability protection above individual business insurance policies by having Amplified tailor umbrella insurance to your specific business needs. Take the guesswork out of covering higher levels of insurance needs and a more comprehensive range of circumstances.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Any business that employs people is required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance, but the specific requirements can vary by state, industry, and more. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all policy, but Amplified can help you “right-size” your workers’ compensation insurance.

Builder's Risk Insurance

For business owners, purchasing builder’s risk insurance instead of leaving it to your contractor can be a smart move. Holding the policy means you control the funds in the event of damage to materials, fixtures, and equipment. Take control by working with Amplified.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Commercial property insurance does not cover cases of damage to equipment by “internal forces” – power surges, operator error, and more. Let Amplified help you acquire equipment breakdown insurance to cover repairs, replacements, and downtime expenses such as lost income.

Business Liability Coverages

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber hacking is one of today’s biggest and most common business threats. Guard your company’s digitally-stored and electronic assets against the devastating potential results of cyberattacks with an effective cyber liability insurance program designed for the modern age.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Understanding the different types of commercial general liability insurance and the various situations they apply to can get complicated. Protect your company fully by sorting through the “what,” “when,” and “how much” of commercial general liability insurance with Amplified.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Provide financial protection or compensation that works hand-in-hand with your internal employment practices to defend your company in case of discrimination or harassment lawsuits. Amplified will help you secure sufficient protection with the right EPL insurance coverage.

Pollution Liability

Whether sudden or over time, the slightest mishap can lead to pollution that causes harm to someone or someone’s property. Pollution liability insurance provides coverage for property damage and bodily injury caused by work performed by or on behalf of your company.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

There are set standards regarding how a company oversees employee benefits plans, and not following these standards may result in legal liability. Amplified can provide your company with fiduciary liability insurance to cover any costs incurred in these situations.

Product Liability Insurance

Whether your business manufactures, distributes, or simply sells a product, your company can be held liable if that product harms someone. Amplified will work with you to determine whether your business requires product liability insurance, then ensure you’re carrying a sufficient amount.

Employee Benefits Liability Insurance

Mistakes happen, especially in today’s fast-changing landscape of employee benefits laws. When an unintentional error or omission has a negative financial impact on an employee, provide your company and your employees with a safety net by covering monetary loss.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Take your business to the next level with insurance designed by Amplified to protect decision-makers, not just your corporation as a whole. Encourage outside-the-box thinking by protecting your team against legal action related to errors, trademark infringement, contractual obligations, and more.

Industry Focuses

Every industry has specific needs and risk considerations when it comes to business insurance. Our team has experience crafting commercial insurance policies for a wide range of industries. Let our experts work with you to tailor a unique solution for your company. Protect your business with specialized solutions that measure up to your particular challenges.

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