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Reduce risk and keep insurance costs affordable when a loss occurs

Loss Control & Risk Management

Nobody likes to lose, but when a loss does occur, we can help you keep your business stable. Take advantage of our cutting-edge approach to loss control and risk management for every aspect of your business. From safety consulting and OSHA compliance to data protection and more, your Loss Control Team at Amplified will review your practices and provide tailored suggestions and smart options.


Loss Control Surveys

Identify potential problems, like water leaks or fire risks, before they become hazards to employees and visitors. Your Amplified experts will minimize disruptions to your work as we help you take this critical step in ensuring safety and securing competitive insurance rates.

Document Destruction

If you have any sensitive or important paper documents, safe and secure document destruction is a must. Get secure containers and onsite document destruction from our leading partner company for any documents that have become outdated or scanned into a digital format.

Underwriting Inspections

Ensure your physical business assets have been correctly classified and remain in good condition throughout your policy’s coverage duration. Our periodic underwriting inspections will review your exterior, interior, and mechanical assets to guarantee your coverage meets your needs.

Data Warehousing

Take your business to the next level with cutting-edge data warehousing. Let us help you securely gather vast amounts of information from multiple sources and then analyze it, identify trends, and determine outlooks and next steps that can improve your business’s overall performance.

Property Replacement Costs

Insure your business’s property and equipment using a property replacement model instead of a cash value model. Since things often lose value or become obsolete over time, this will ensure you receive sufficient reimbursement to replace damaged or destroyed equipment.

Workers’ Comp Risk Management

Increase productivity, decrease employee injuries, and reduce insurance claims and premiums with workers’ compensation risk management. Your team at Amplified can help you analyze risk factors, manage identified risks, and create a system to minimize future injuries.

Toolbox Talks

Make safety part of the daily conversation in your industry with toolbox talks: short, routine, informal chats that keep safety on everyone’s minds. Let us work with your team to identify issues to discuss during toolbox talks to inform and promote health and safety.

Safety Consulting & Training Tools

Engage an outside agency to address safety issues and training procedures – a wise investment for industries with high injury potential. Reduce injuries and workers’ comp insurance claims through services like improving safety systems, ensuring OSHA compliance, and more.

Business Contingency Planning

Prepare your business for worst-case scenarios with business contingency planning, a crucial part of your loss control and risk management equation. A thoughtful contingency plan can help your company withstand a wide range of potential catastrophes.

Industry Focuses

Every industry has specific needs and risk considerations when it comes to business insurance. Our team has experience crafting commercial insurance policies for a wide range of industries. Let our experts work with you to tailor a unique solution for your company. Protect your business with specialized solutions that measure up to your particular challenges.

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