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Your rock star team at Amplified is dedicated to protecting your most valuable assets, your health, and your financial future. We are constantly evolving to exceed your expectations with our exceptional customer service and the right policies to protect your interests and ease your concerns.

The world has changed dramatically since we opened our doors in 1977, and it continues to change every day at a lightning-fast pace. The way we do business has changed right along with it so we are behind you ready to maintain the safety and security you need to keep moving forward.

Expert knowledge that comes with decades of experience. Innovative products paired with competitive pricing and technological savvy. Staunchly independent and ahead of the curve.

This is Amplified.

Our Culture

CREW (culture relationship engagement workforce) is the culture footprint of Amplified Insurance Partners. The culture at Amplified – our shared values, practices and beliefs – feeds into the way we advocate for our clients. The soul of our organization is reflected in our values, the stories we tell, and our collective mindset to achieve your vision of making the complete simple to better protect you and your assets with care.
Because we have such a dynamic group of experienced industry professionals, our clients enjoy
a higher level of service. A primary focus on our culture helps us take care of our employees, which drives the exceptional customer service we provide for you. We are constantly evolving to exceed your expectations while creating an environment where our employees feel fulfilled and purposeful at work, connected to our vision, and balanced in their lives.

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Our Team

Your team at Amplified is dedicated to protecting your most valuable assets, your health, and your financial future. Take advantage of our expert knowledge and service developed through decades of experience combined with ongoing training and development. Putting your needs first drives us to stay ahead of the curve by pairing our innovative products with competitive pricing.

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Carriers We Represent

Like Amplified works with top insurance carriers to tailor a specific insurance program to fit your needs. 

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Collaboration. It’s no secret that collaboration contributes to better-performing, more productive teams and organizations. Innovation is more alive, knowledge flows, decision-making is shared, and goals are met faster.
Kara’s ease and ability in speaking with clients stems from her more than 15 years of experience moving up the chain of command at several small restaurants in the MA and RI areas.


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